Hidden Treasures Furmint, Tokaj, Hungary 2016

$ 56.00
This is a joint venture between Roland Velich (of Moric) and Attila Homonna, who has arguably the best Tokaj vineyards in existence. His vines are old, and bear the original clone of Furmint, a smaller, more complex berry that yields an incomparable expression of this once nearly-extinct grape. Roland guides the winemaking, but they both share a vision: the idea behind the project is to unify what belongs together, what once was: Burgen- land was originally part of Pannonia, but when the Iron Curtain dropped after WW2, there was no exchanging ideas, travel, or viticulture. Furmint nearly died off in Austria. This wine is a pristine effort to re-create a true Pannonian wine, and to preserve history despite political borders. It is an expression of human spirit: enduring and optimistic, bright, dense, and fresh.