Too easy!

Discovery There's no quiz that equates your chocolate preferences with your wine ones. Life isn't that black and white and neither is wine.
Trust I don't want you to become the expert, that's what I'm here for, you turkey!
Variety I don't have any allegiance or obligation to any particular producers, except the ones that make the best stuff honestly and deliciously.
Real Wine I'm not going to send you something called Sunday Sunday. These are real wines made by winemakers I've met, love, and trust, wines for pleasure. 

The Monthly Pour (5/26/17/testing)

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In each Monthly Pour: Three special wines from the best producers in the world, their stories & tasting cards, a love letter, badass tunes to dance / drink / makeout to, and a Pour This Mad Lib so you can prove to yourself, your in-laws, and your dog that you can talk shop on wine with the best of 'em. Cancel, skip, or pause your membership anytime (we bill on the 6th of each month, and ship out quickly after).
Your wines ship temp-controlled and safely. It takes another day or so, but we'd rather do it right than right now.