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It's the easiest way to drink good wine in your home. You probably won't find these wines anywhere else, and certainly not all together. They're some of the most exclusive and special wines out there, made by great people who are doing the most honest and delicious winemaking in the game. 

You Get:
Three wines, their stories, tasting cards, and a love letter. 

How It Works:
The membership bills on the 6th, each month. Your wines ship out quickly after! If you join mid-month, you'll get the current month's wines ASAP (shipped to you the following Tuesday), and then you'll next be billed on the 6th of the following month. 
Your wines ship safely and compliantly. It takes an extra few days, but we'd rather do it right than right now.

Please note: We cannot make shipping changes after the 6th of the month, as wine is already en route!

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