Paolo Bea 'Pagliaro' Umbria, Italy 2011

$ 128.00

This is a wine that needs no explanation or convincing, much like going to Italy on a lark needs no justification at all. If it's not obvious to you (CHE COSA?!), here's what's important:

• Bea's wines are historic, Italian greats—they would classify as Grand Cru if there was such a system in Italy!
• Paolo's sons Giuseppe and Giampiero are at the helm of these terroir-driven, increasingly hard to get wines and the Bea family has roots in Umbria going back to the 1500s. 
• Umbria is the only land-locked region in Italy, lending this gem its forest-y, wild brambly bits with dust and herbs and so much countryside romance! 
• ​100% Sagrantino, the fabled grape of the region; many Sagrantino wines are tough, chewy like an overcooked steak. NOT THS! This is finesse and elegance and the ultimate old world red.
The Bea family raises and produces much of what they consume on a daily basis, including olives, olive oil, fruits, and vegetables. DM me for Bea olive oil, seriously it's insane.