Arianna Occhipinti Olive Oil 'Pantarei'

$ 48.00
From Arianna herself: The life of every Sicilian is intertwined with olive oil. The production of Nocellara del Belice is our family tradition, a tradition that dates back to 1600 A.D. . It has the most beautiful memories: racing through the olive groves, falling and skinning my knees, the taste of bitter olives in the mouth. The olive harvest was a time of gathering, of parties and stories, of many families with the same origins. As children we played carefree, eating bread and fresh-milled oil—so spicy, yet so good! Today it is still special: green, golden, and fragrant. Fortunately, even today, we have the same desire to play, the same light-heartedness, with a joy of the past. The Tonda Iblea are the trees of the Piraino district in Chiaramonte Gulfi, trees I fell in love with; I wait for the oil at the mill like it's a birth. It is a strong tradition, marking the end of every year of my grape harvest, and the beginning of autumn. It is the season that I love and this is the flavor of that season.