Marcel Deiss 1er Cru Burg 2009

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The Wine: Burg is a Premier Cru site and this is a supreme vintage. This wine is intensely aromatic and ever-evolving; warm spices and delicate flowers layer on top of one another like a mille fuielle (a very gorgeous pastry which you can google for reference, but don't attempt to make, it's impossible) - I can't imagine a better time of year to open this liquid present. It is festive without being cheesy, cerebral without being mathematical, moving but not sappy. Get this for yourself to welcome the winter solstice, to keep cozy when it gets dark early, for Christmas dinner, and as an incredible gift that speaks volumes, but quietly, for someone with whom you want to share. 

NOTE: I would never call this wine sweet, but I would be doing a disservice to you if I failed to mention its distinct persistence and honied tone. It's more meaningful than the word sweet implies; think genuine, direct eye contact rather than a generic compliment.

The Producer: This is a wine that is so intensely of place that the details like varietal and sweetness / dryness become background music. Like all of the Deiss wines, this is a field blend of a dozen or more co-planted varietals, each of which plays its role in bringing harmony to the glass - merely adding up the parts of this wine can't adequately equate to its true whole, which is a far greater thing you realize only once it's in your glass.