Les Tetes Téte Red Vin de France 2015

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Four friends who grew up together in Vouvray wanted to make a wine they’d drink, a keep it coming wine to be shared amongst friends. The famed Château de Rigny-Ussé (the castle where actual Sleeping Beauty was written!) had some vines the owner was seeking someone to tend organically, so the childhood friends rallied and set out to make their clean, bright, convivial wine. The twist: it‘s a blend of half Cab Franc and Grolleau from Loire, but the other half is Braucol and Merlot from Gaillac (fruit from Laurent Cazottes’ vines!). The yields in 2016 were so low due to frost, they needed to reach out to source some fruit to complete their wine. Laurent was a trusted friend, and they loved the cuvée so much, they’ll continue making it this way! On a real side
note, ‘Téte Red’ is an obscure French band, "Têtes Raides”
(say it out loud, it sounds the same!). Philippe was really into them in college, and the reason it says “red” not “rouge.” Drink with friends, turn up the music.