L’EPICURIEUX 'Vin de Zelebrite' Morgon 2016 Beaujolais, France

$ 48.00

This is Sebastien’s first vintage. Though he spent a first lifetime working on oil rigs and partying in Paris, he decided to move to Beaujolais, determined to “do good things.” The domaine was born from his desire to get his hands in the earth and live according to a seasonal rhythm full-time with his family. He became friends with two very notable producers, learning the land and winemaking under the guidance of Julien Sunier (another tiny-production vintner).

The Gamay for this Morgon comes exclusively from a parcel in the famed Les Charmes lieu dit, which was planted in the 1950s. Its gradual slope and granite sand make this an incredibly electric wine full of life and distinct character.

It’s pure, expressive Morgon, alive and tangible, made by hand and guided by heart. Think beautiful blue fruit, herbs, and soft tannins. So good.