The Jura Box: Jean Claude Credoz

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The Jura is an absurdly beautiful place. It's nestled between Burgundy and Switzerland and filled with impressive valleys, forests, and mountains. Cheese is considered a food group. And it's like going back in time. Within Jura, there's ChâteauChalon, the painfully-charming town that swings some pretty heavy wine prestige. 

Jean-Claude Credoz owns more vineyard land in the infamous Château Chalon than most winemakers—a whopping near-five hectares of vines. And whilst most winemakers grow only Savagnin there (because that's the grape that allows the Jura-equivalent of Grand Cru status), Jean-Claude grows allof the Jura varietals. These wines express the ChâteauChalon Cru like none other, and Credoz is making some incredibly important wines.

Heck, I've never even had Melon from the Jura! It's concentrated and clean, filled with Alpine fresh air and a rustic, herbaceous youth that begs you to drink it way too fast. The Trousseau is delicate and spiced, light but not lightweight—it keeps inviting you to return to taste and sniff that thing you can't put your finger on. It's almost honied. And then there's the Poulsard, elegant, berried, and so delightfully friendly you almost forget this is serious wine you're drinking. These are not wines that are hard to enjoy, or hard to understand, despite being incredibly profound and special. They are simply hard to get. And I'm not playing coy. I have twelve of these boxes, and that is all.

This is a capsule collection of Credoz's three single-varietal wines which are impossibly beautiful, super-limited, and tiny production treats (delicious goes without saying).

Life is too short to miss out on this one. Panic! Then buy.

In this box: three Credoz wines (two reds and a white), a gorgeous, hand-drawn map of Jura from Brenna (our Geologist homie), and tasting cards!