Grosjean Premetta, Vallée d'Aoste, Italy 2016

$ 48.00

This wine tosses everything you think you know about categories into the chestnut trees. It has just enough texture to make it the fairest of light reds, but it’s a blushing shade of dusk and blossoms, and its . It’s layered, rustic, sensory nods to romance will haunt you long after it’s gone. Brambly fruit and those flowers that only bloom in the evening hour lift out

of your glass and you’re forced to choose between inhaling it all at once or slowing time way down to savor every glistening, ruby sip (it’s impossible to do both. I tried). The Grosjean family traces its roots back to the village of Fornet in the high mountain passes of the Valle d’Aosta, where Summers were spent growing grapes and chestnuts. This is one I’d love to stockpile, but it’s made so scantily it’s a wonder we got any at all. Drink it chilled!

90% Premetta and 10% Cornelian; certified biodynamic!