Domaine Ligas Roditis Pella, Greece 2016

$ 40.00

It's back! If you got January's Monthly Pour, you already know.

Meli Ligas is blonde, energetic, and optimistic. When we tasted in my backyard, I fell in love with Greek wines for the first time! Hers were the first I’d found with such depth and nuance; there was an expression of something singular but consistent in each. I suppose it was a combination of her home coming through the wine, and Meli herself! She tends her vines in the utmost natural manner of farming, based on permaculture science, which far exceeds organics in its holistic, harmonious approach to the land. Farmed old school, nothing added whatsoever.

The intent is to preserve the identity of Pella’s terroir. This wine is 100% Roditis, a native grape that grows on the slopes of Paiko mountain in Northern Greece. In it you’ll find magic, texture, and transport. It's bursting with unknown yellow fruit and a wild air that could only be from an ancient island. Insanely delicious. Drink this ethereal white cold, but not freezing. 100% Roditis.