Domaine Chardigny Saint Amour Beaujolais, France 2016

$ 48.00

Saint Amour is one of the smallest of the ten Beaujolais Crus, and is certainly an underdog of sorts. But the Chardigny brothers are at the forefront of natural, conscious farming in Saint Amour and have dedicated their energy to capturing its potential. While they have a two-hundred-year family history making wine, a new chapter has begun. Pierre Maxime and Victor Emmanuel have taken the reigns of the family vineyards, converting from sustainable farming to total organ- ics. At twenty seven Victor is the youngest and oversees all the farming and winemaking. This one is charming, lively, and full of blue fruit and sun kissed minerality, ripe strawberries, and green herbs. It’s delicious. Unrelated side note: the brothers are very good looking.