Campi di Fonterenza Pettirosso Tuscany, Italy 2016

$ 38.00

In Montalcino (where Brunello garners its fame), the Fonterenza farmhouse sits humble and wild. Francesca and her sister spent their childhood here, rooting themselves to a place they’d return to make wine naturally. Biodynamic farming is uncommon here but they are committed: harvesting manually, observing the phases of the moon, and using only herbal treatments to care for vineyards.

Francesca is as alive as her wines, bursting with energy, bold opinions, a daring laugh, and animated tellings of stories. I recall her lovingly giving Arianna Occhipinti the middle finger for making fun of her at a recent dinner we all shared, the three of us laughing at who knows what. Pettirosso is inspired by the sisters’ French winemaking friends. It’s meant to invite a spirited, loud dinner and should be passed around the table freely.

Only 450 bottles made, less than 40 cases. Mostly Sangiovese, with a little native Ciliegiolo.