Build a Cellar

$ 500.00

Ready to stock up? Finally. We'll craft a beautiful, thoughtful collection of the best wines together, complete with their histories and stories, so that when you pull a bottle a month from now or five years from now, you'll have the story to tell and share alongside the special wine. You and me (it's Ashley! I told you I'm at your service!) will build your dream wine stash together. This ain't no online questionnaire about your chocolate preferences or favorite flower. This is real, personal, conversation about your wine needs with a real, caring pro. Maybe you want a case of wine delivered once per month, or maybe you want 500 bottles right now. It's up to you. Or the lucky so-and-so you decide to gift this experience to—good on ya! 

*Price includes initial service and sourcing, consultation over the phone, and follow up; does not include cost of wines.