The Rosé Pour series one

What's Inside:
The best dang rosé, that’s what! I can’t just ruin the surprise, but I’ll tell you what these dreamy beauties taste like: a breeze in the temperature of perfect, running through the sprinklers, a kiss after a cold popsicle, fresh berries, fresh flowers, things that bloom after dusk, dusk itself, liquid romance, and this most-lovely season in which we're currently swimming. 
Please note: I’ll replace The Rosé Pour with a new series as each one sells out. If you are an avid rosé lover, I’d encourage you to go for each and every series, as they will all contain their own unique wines. Rosé has become a thing, and while I’m no trend-chaser, there are some extremely special wines in various shades of pink that are in very short supply. So, fill ‘er up!