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Buy wine from your bed for hard-to-find bottles to your door.

She intends to create a dining experience that’s elevated and personal, and one in which beverage and food seamlessly intertwine.

Forget the subscription wine services you've heard of in the past. [Pour This] is the only one worth signing up for.

As a former sommelier who perfected her palette at L.A. hot spots Osteria Mozza, Trois Mec, and Animal(just to name a few), Ragovin has been around the vineyard and back, and now runs an online wine boutique.

And when it comes to drinking wine with food, I'm an equal opportunity imbiber. My credo: All food deserves the privilege of good wine.

People are talking.

"I find myself laughing because the references sound like something I would say or, after tasting a wine, the description couldn't be more spot on. I really appreciate your meticulous and thoughtful approach to your business. I love it! I'm obsessed with your company and the quality of the interesting, one-of-a-kind wines that we've received. I just wanted to reach out personally to tell you how impressed I am and how excited I have been by the wines that you've sent to us. I now totally trust that every bottle we open will be unique and delicious."

- Amy M.

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